6 Daily Habits To Improve Back Health

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Today millions of people spend time sitting during work hours, commute time, and at home more than ever before. Typically a person who has a desk job spends at least 8 to 10 hours sitting. Sitting for lengthy periods of time every day is now proven to be harmful to your health, increasing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, depression, and cancer, as well as the danger of death. In this article, we want to explain to you how to improve the health of your back in a simple and effective way.

1. Put a pillow under your knees

A wrong position while sleeping can harm your spine and put extra pressure on it. If you sleep on your back it would be useful for your spine to use the additional pillow. Put it under your knees to elevate your legs. Such a position allows your body to decrease the pressure on your spine in half.

2. Check your diet

You may know about the negative impact of dehydration on your body. This process also affects the function of your spine. The lack of water in the disk causes its degeneration and related problems. That’s why drinking enough water is an important part of your diet for the healthiness of the spine.

Another important part of your daily diet is the required amount of vitamins and minerals. You may get them from your regular food or use specialized medications which include a whole complex of elements. Excellent sources of necessary vitamins and minerals are milk, cheese, yogurt, fatty fish, eggs, and leafy greens. These products are rich in vitamin D and calcium, which make your bones and muscles stronger.

3. Add more physical activity

The well-known fact is that exercise is good for our health. Today there are plenty of options to make your life more active. You may add easy complexes of exercise to your lifestyle or choose  sessions with a personal coach in the gym. Back-related ailments, such as strains and muscular spasms, can be reduced with a regular strength-training plan that focuses on your core muscles.

4. Stretch your body

To function properly, your muscles not only need to be strong, but also soft and flexible. Muscle spasms are one of the main causes of back pain. Whenever you have the chance, take a few minutes to stretch your stiff muscles, and relieve tension. It’s even better if you find time for a regular activity like stretching or yoga.

5. Maintain a healthy weight

To keep the spine strong, it is also necessary to spread the load rationally. It would be wise to combine exercise and proper nutrition to keep your weight within healthy limits. This doesn’t mean that you have to be thin, just stick to a comfortable weight that won’t restrict your movements in order to reduce stress on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in your lower back.

6. Improve your posture

If your posture looks like a question mark your back will hurt anyway. Try to slow down for a moment and look carefully at what position you are in. The natural alignment of your spine during walking, sitting, making daily routines, or lifting weight things is a necessary factor to avoid back pain.

The bottom line

The health of your spine depends mainly on two aspects: strengthening your muscles and bones and minimizing the negative impact. The above ways to improve the condition of your back include both of them, without requiring much effort. It will be enough to add a few good habits and positive changes will come.

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