Everything You Need To Know About Indoasian’s 8 Way Tpn Db

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IndoAsian is the most productive electrical website where you can get all the information about the electric stuff. It is an Indian-based brand established 6 decades ago, and today it has made a stronghold in the electrical industry.

Here we will give you a piece of brief information about IndoAsain’s 8 way TPN DB as it is one of the best industries that produce the best TPN. But first, you need to know about the TPN and its works.

What Is TPN DB

TPN means a 4 pole device with the 4th pole acting as neutral. The opening and closing of the TPN will close and also open the neutral pole. In TPN, current flows through only 3 poles. There is no protection for the current that flows through the neutral pole. The neutral pole is just isolating part.

TPN DB is used in 3 phase and 4 wire systems. It is denoted or written as TP+N, a three-pole device with an external link that can be isolated when it is required. However, when a breaker trips or is manually opened, all poles are disconnected at once and get tripped.

Types Of TPN DB 

There are three types of TPN DB. 6 way TPN DB, 8 Way TPN DB, and 12 way TPN DB. We will briefly discuss the 6 and 12 way TPN, but we will explain the 8 way TPN a little more.

6 Way TPN DB is assembled with the latest technology. It is a universally accepted norm, along with the finest quality material. It is made available in several specifications. It has the most reasonable rate possible in the offered TPN DB. 6 way TPN DB is the most demanded in the market.

12 Way TPN DB is a three-phase TPN DB. It has the power of 415 V, and it has the highest power in all TPN DB. Therefore, the 63 A capacity is the highest, and it has three IP ratings, including IP54, IP55, and IP42. The dimension of 12 Way TPN DB is 800 X MM600.

8 Way TPN DB

8 Way TPN DB is the most widely used TPN DB around the whole world. IndoAsian 8 Way TPN DB is the best distribution board that you can get.

The innovative design of this product makes it unique in TPN. The degree of protection is the 8 Way TPN DB is IP 30 and IP 42. It has a detachable gland plate. Attractive pearl shade is the best feature in this. It is made up of tin-plated copper bus bar and has box insertion marks. 8 Way TPN DB has both neutral link and earth link, which make it unique in TPN DB. If you want to use the best TPN DB for your house or building, then 8 way TPN DB is best for you.

In this article, we have given brief information about the 8 way TPN DB. If you are looking for the best TPN DB, then IndoAsian  8 Way TPN DB is the best for you to consider.

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