How To Build An Amazon Business: Why Learning Amazon Seo Is So Important

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Amazon is an excellent platform for product sales. 55% of Third-party sellers accounted for over half of all Amazon sales in the fourth quarter. With so much at stake, there has been fierce competition. Amazon SEO is a great way to stand out. Amazon searches to help customers find the products they want, just like Google. Sellers who optimize their listings for search will be able to gain a huge advantage over the rest.

How to make your Amazon product listings more searchable

It’s easy to create a product listing page that is more likely to be found in Amazon searches. To increase your chances of being found by potential customers, there are some key steps that you can take. These are our tips, based on our experience optimizing Amazon listings for clients.

1. Make sure to include the correct keywords in your listing.

Amazon will be informed about your product if you use relevant keywords. It makes sense that listings that include the exact phrase “noise-canceling headphones” will show up more often when someone searches.

First, determine the terms people use to search for your product. Find the phrases that are most frequently searched for your product. You can use a variety of tools to do this, such as the Amazon keyword research tool.

Next, add those terms to your listing in different places, such as your title, description, product features, and description. Make sure that they are used in a natural way where it makes sense. Amazon will detect if you are keyword stuffing and may punish you.


Next, you will want to improve the bullet points or key features that further describe your product. You should not tell customers what you know about your product and then call it quits. This section should be used to add value by providing information about the product, such as its specifications, dimensions and weight, and warranty information.

Make sure you use keywords that aren’t already in your title. To find out what customers love and why they buy your product, get creative. Simple bullet points and a clear focus are the best for Amazon product listings. Customers will find out about the key features and differences between your product and your competitors here. The bullet points section can be a great place to sell once you have a good title.

3. Get more reviews.

Selling quality products is the best way to increase your reviews. People will be more likely to review your product if they love it.

A review is a great way to get feedback. You can follow up with customers to find out how they are liking your product. Then, ask them for honest feedback. Most people will leave a review if they had an amazing experience.


All of the items that we have covered so far are front-facing. Backend keyword sections offer even greater reach for product listings. Search terms can be found in the Keywords tab of your Seller Central Account.

This area can be used to store all words that customers might use to search for your product. Separated by commas, There are about 200 lines you can add – go wild! This section can be built by incorporating your research from social media, Google, Bing, and automatic sponsored ads. This section is a great place for keywords that are relevant to your product, but not something you want to include in your listing.

If you sell anti-itch powder but know that your customers also use it for jock itch then the back end is the perfect place to put that keyword. This will ensure that your product ranks well for those who need it.

Description of the Product

Next is the product description. This field is optional and does not directly affect rank. It is recommended that you complete it, as it is indexed. This will affect visibility and conversions.

Amazon allows sellers to describe their products in 2,000 characters. Any additional information, including size and material, can be added to your product. Any additional keywords you cannot fit into your title or bullet points should be included.

You have one chance to shine with your product description. Make sure it is well-written, persuasive, and appealing to your target audience. Consider adding a call to action at your end.


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