How To Connect To The Internet Using A Mifi Device

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When you look at getting mobile broadband you should consider all the options that are available to you. You can get a traditional dongle or you can look into a MiFi device. Before you make any decisions you should consider what a MiFi device is and how it has to offer you. You should also look at all the specifics regarding these devices. Once you know all of this you will be able to determine if the MiFi device is suitable for your needs. You can also learn how to use the device and how to regulate what you are using with this.

What is a MiFi Device?

What is MiFi? Before you can consider getting onto the internet with your MiFi device you have to consider what a MiFi device is. MiFi devices are small wireless modems that allow more than one device to connect to the internet at any one time. This is done by emitting wireless mobile broadband connections.

Like all mobile broadband devices the MiFi device will connect to the 3G and 4G network. The network that you can connect to will depend on the network that you are working with and the deal you have taken. If you are with a network that offers 4G connections then you will need to get a package that offers you this connection with the MiFi device.

How Does MiFi Work?

When you look at connecting with a MiFi device you have to know how this device works. As the device is connecting to the mobile broadband network it will need to have a sim card. The sim card will be placed into the device much like when you use a USB mobile broadband dongle. Once a connection has been established the device will transmit a cloud of wireless signal. This signal is what you are going to be using to get online.

How Do You Connect to the Internet?

There are a number of steps that you have to take to get onto the internet with a MiFi device. Some of these steps have to be taken before you have the device while others will be completed once the device has connected to the mobile broadband network.

· The first step in connecting to the internet with your MiFi device is getting the mobile broadband package. Most of the MiFi packages will come with the device and a lot of the network provider will insert the sim card for you. When you look at the packages you have to consider how much data you are going to need and the type of contract that you want.

· Once you have the device you will need to insert the sim card if this has not already been done for you. The way that you do this will vary depending on the device that you have. You should be able to find out how to do this in the manual that comes with the device.

· When you have the sim card in the device you have to turn it on and wait for the device to register a mobile broadband signal. There will be some indication that the device has a single, but this will vary depending on the device that you are going to be using.

· Once you have a connection to the mobile broadband you should be able to connect to the device from your computer, tablet or smartphone. The way that you connect to the MiFi device is the same way that you will be connecting to your Wi-Fi connections. The MiFi device name should appear in your wireless connections area and from there you should be able to connect.

· After you have connected your computer, tablet or smartphone to the MiFi device you should be able to get online. If you cannot then you should double check that your MiFi device is connected to the internet.

How Many People Can Connect

When you are looking at using a MiFi device you are generally looking to connect more than one device at a time. Many of the MiFi devices are able to handle 5 different device connections. There are some that can offer more connections and this will become more common when the device technology improvers.

You have to be careful with the number of people that you have connected to your MiFi device. The more people who are connected the slower the overall speeds will be. This is due to the device having to work harder to accommodate all of the connections.

What Speeds Can You Get?

A lot of people know that the transition of wired broadband into wireless can affect the speeds. These people may wonder if the same can be said for MiFi. MiFi connections are not actually affected as much by the wireless signals as you may imagine. This is due to the act that all mobile broadband is essentially wireless.

With a MiFi device you will be able to get the possible 21mb speeds of 3G connection if you are in a strong signal area. However, you should note that the number of devices connected to your MiFi device will affect the speeds you are getting. This is the same as the number of devices affecting the speeds that you get with a fixed line broadband connection. The more people using the device the more people the speeds have to be spread over.

The Costs of MiFi

With many network providers the MiFi device is not that much more expensive than the normal dongle. However, the cost differences that come generally stem from the amount of data that you are using. It is often harder to keep track of MiFi data usage than the data usage with a dongle. This is due to the fact that more people can use the connection and this means that more people are using the data.

When you use a MiFi device you have to consider how you are going to track the usage. If you do not track the usage then you could face a high bill for excessive use. You should also find out how to password protect the connection your MiFi device is emitting.

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