Overseas Study – 10 Crucial Things To Pack Before You Go

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Once you’ve been accepted to study overseas for an extended period of time, it’s time for you to decide which essentials you need to pack. While you have every right to be excited about your next year or so, spent studying in another part of the world, it’s important that you don’t let that excitement cloud your judgement; you still need to pack for the duration of your stay overseas. Let us begin immediately.

1) Arrange your papers

One of the first things you need to do, is make sure that you have obtained all the necessary travel documentation. For example, to study overseas, you will require a passport to enter another country. Certain countries may even demand visas. You must prepare all of these items and bring them on the plane with you. It is prudent to print multiple copies of each document. Carry your foreign student identification card and any required vaccination certificates with you as a student.

2) Acquaint yourself with the new country

After all, you are relocating. You may need to conduct some research on the country’s culture and traditions. Additionally, it may be worthwhile to take some time out to learn about their currency and how to exchange money. If you’re packing clothes from your existing location, you should be well aware of the new climate and the weather conditions you can expect. This will help you pack the right type of clothing for each season that you’ll be studying in your new country.

3) It’s all too easy to overlook footwear

You probably didn’t believe these required extra attention, but if the streets are constructed of stone or another abrasive substance, you’ll need shoes that are pleasant to walk in. If you’re current footwear is in need of replacement, be sure to buy a new pair of shoes before departing overseas.

4) Pack skin/haircare and toiletry goods in your suitcase

Just because you’re packing to go overseas, doesn’t mean you have to forego your usual skin care routine. Make a note of your daily and nightly skincare routines and pack accordingly. Other things to be mindful of, include the following:

  • Floss, toothbrushes, and toothpaste
  • Sunscreen
  • Shampoo, conditioner
  • Toiletries
  • Makeup products

5) Keep your study materials with you

Because the trip is for academic purposes, take all necessary study materials, your laptop and mobile devices, your bag or tote, a notebook, and a camera (if you love photography)

You might also use a paper map. It may come in helpful if you become disoriented and cannot locate your phone.

6) Certain items are better kept at home

While I appreciate your patriotism, you should remove the flag or anything else that makes it obvious that you are a foreigner. At the moment, your goal is to blend in like a chameleon. While being noticeable is desirable, do not make it too easy for thieves. Additionally, you are not required to purchase new clothing. Simply choose simple garments that are easy to layer.

7) Avoid overpacking

While you’re more than welcome to overpack, if you’re not particularly interested in saving money on additional baggage fees, it’s sensible to instead pack everything you need, into a maximum of two large boxes. You may pack all the fragile items you own and the basics you’ll need on the airline in your carry-on luggage. This is an additional wardrobe or shirt for really long flights.

8) Determine the shape of the electrical outlet

Determine this so that you can purchase the proper connectors and adapters for your gadgets.

9) Obtain copies of all medical records

It’s important to pack your medical records in the event that you become ill during your stay.

10) Bring your favourite snacks with you

You’d be leaving a country where you could eat all of your ordinary foods. You may wish to pack them if you wish to avoid feeling homesick. Pack sparingly, as it will take up a lot of room.


Ensure that you follow these guidelines to drastically reduce your spending and make the experience of packing for your overseas journey, that much easier. If you require temporary or longer-term storage of your belongings, contact a moving company that provides expert storage solution services.


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